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Not Legal Advice (“NLA”) explores innovation and emerging technologies through legal and regulatory lenses.

If you're a brand, creator, or entrepreneur innovating at the bleeding edge, it's important to cultivate a firm grounding in the legal considerations that come with it. NLA helps you think about the legal implications of your emerging technology strategy from the ground up.

What is this newsletter about

I started this newsletter with 2 goals in mind:

1) to help brands, creators, and entrepreneurs understand the opportunities and risks presented by emerging tech; and

2) share my views and connect with like-minded individuals, to generate a network of innovators at the bleeding edge who don't want to be alone in their journey.

Who am I?

I’ve been working as a lawyer in the blockchain & emerging tech space for over 5 years, focusing on commercial and IP law, as well as anti-money laundering, financial services, gambling, and data protection regulation. In a nutshell, I mostly focus the assessment and implementation of emerging technology products.

Although I am currently in law, I started my professional journey in the creative industries, as an audio engineer. My love for the creative industries and innovation has stayed with me, which is why I service these industries as a lawyer.

Work aside, I’m very involved in the industry at the community level, as part of NFTUK - the UK's largest NFT community, where I also act as an advisor. 

I’ve been obsessed with immersive technologies for many years, and the promise of XR (and its convergence with blockchain and AI) is what informed my career choices over the last 10 years, and the very reason I am where I am today.

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Blockchain, NFT, Web3 & Emerging Tech Lawyer by day, Degen by night | Advisor at NFTUK | Legal Mentor at Outlier Ventures (Base Camp)